Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Your organization is selling a four (4) pound specialty box of Wish Farms’ Florida Strawberries. This is a different box from previous years. This new design will help us improve quality and allow you to easily divide up your purchase to share with family and friends!

    They are picked fresh the day before delivery/pickup. The box contains four 1 lb. clamshells, and the retail price should be set at $20. The wholesale cost you owe Wish Farms is $12 per box (unless you are eligible for a pickup discount. See below.) That is an easy 40% profit!

  2. There is a 150-box minimum order required for delivery. Deliveries over 100 miles from Plant City are subject to a delivery fee.

    Orders under 150 boxes must be picked up at our location in Plant City or Duette (Manatee County). Pickups will be scheduled in advance with Wish Farms and must be picked up in full. No partial pickups are allowed.
    A $1 per box DISCOUNT will be applied if you pick up your 150+ box order at our farm in Duette or our warehouse in Plant City! (Entire order must be loaded into one or two vehicles, no partial or individual pick-ups)

    Plant City (warehouse) location:
    Wish Farms
    1301 South Frontage Road
    Plant City, FL 33563

    Duette (farm) location:
    G&D Farms
    37381 State Road 62
    Duette, FL 34219

  3. You should conduct the sale for two to three weeks in January. The sale must conclude at the end of January to give our team time to plan. Sales that end on a Monday are usually the most successful, since you will have the weekend to get everything wrapped up!

  4. Your berry sales will be powered by the online system, FarmRaiser. The program is very user friendly and helps sellers, buyers, organizers, and Wish Farms to easily share, purchase, track progress and coordinate efforts.

    You are required to report all sales through the platform. Tracking is automated for all credit card purchases. For cash and check sales recorded on paper, it must be turned in to the organizer and entered by the organizer on the platform as an “offline sale”. Click on the Step By Step process to learn how. All checks should be made out to your organization, NOT WISH FARMS. It is your responsibility to collect all cash and check payments. Paper order forms may be used, but they ultimately must be recorded on the platform, otherwise they will not be counted.

    • A customized fundraising page that can be shared via email, social media, etc.
    • Easily share and track your campaign’s progress and set financial goals.
    • Once your profile is created, it saved in the system and easily passed to next year’s volunteer organizers.
    • Buyers can round up their purchase, with the donation going directly to your cause!
    • Buyers purchase with ease online with a credit or debit card.
    • Each seller will have their own login and profile
    • Print out an automated spreadsheet for delivery day.
  5. o Click the link:
    o Select ‘Create Account’
    o Select ‘Cause/Organization
    o Create a log in and password, click ‘Start Fundraising’
    o Click ‘Reserve Product’ and select the 4lb box
    o Select ‘Create Campaign’
    o Add ‘Campaign Details’
    o Complete Organization Profile
    o Your campaign details and organization need to be approved by Wish Farms before starting. After our review and approval, you will receive an email with:
     a link you can share with people to buy berries!
     A campaign code you will share for your seller “champions” to register under your org’s profile
    • For children under 13, parents are required to create an account so we are in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Please click here for more information:
     If you didn’t receive an email, check your junk folder
    o Start selling!

  6. You are responsible for collecting $20 cash or check per box for each box sold. All checks collected from sellers must be made out to your organization, NOT Wish Farms. The FarmRaiser system will track and hold all credit card payments made. At the end, it will reconcile them against cash and check payments. If there are not enough credit card payments to cover your cost, one check must be made out to Wish Farms for the balance.

  7. Sit tight, Wish Farms will let you know ASAP when the berries will be ready! Once the sales period has concluded by early February, the system will automatically stop taking online orders to avoid confusion. However, last-minute orders can be added manually. It is important to confirm the final tally with Wish Farms before your delivery/pickup date. Once a final number has been determined, an invoice will be generated.

  8. Once your order total is submitted and confirmed, we will work on scheduling. Based on past seasons, we anticipate delivery or pickup to fall on a Tuesday through Saturday between February 10th to March 3rd. However, due to the variable nature of farming and the unpredictability of weather, we need your patience and flexibility when determining the actual day.

    To keep the product cost reasonable for you, our driver must be very efficient with their time and route. We are scheduling multiple stops in a large area, so we can’t guarantee any time or day requests. However, we do our best to give you an hour window with one to two weeks of lead time. This should be plenty of time to effectively communicate the berry pickup day to your network.

    If you have a blackout date or conflict, we must know in advance! Once delivery is scheduled, it cannot be changed.

  9. Wish Farms will get paid $12 per box with proceeds collected from your credit card sales. However, if there are not enough credit card payments to cover your cost, a check must be made out to Wish Farms for the balance. If there are more credit card charges than cash and check that you collect, Wish Farms will cut a check to your organization for the balance. Please share your group’s tax form with us so we can write you a check for the balance in a timely manner after delivery has been completed. You do have the option to be wired money directly from us, but that is not always possible for groups.

    Additionally, please get Wish Farms set up as a vendor in your system to give accounts payable enough time to process it in advance of our arrival. Our W-9 tax form can be found here. Your check is appreciated at the time of delivery or pick up.

  10. The is only one fee: each credit card buyer will pay a $2.50 convenience charge + 2.99%.

  11. Our marketing team has created a treasure trove of branding assets for your group to use to promote your sale! Click here to access.

  12. Yes! Wish Farms wants your sale to be a success! We will support it by providing a prize incentive for your sellers.

    For elementary ages, Wish Farms can provide a Dominos gift card so you can throw a pizza party for the winning class. Amount will be determined by number of boxes sold.

    For middle and high school ages, the top 3 sellers are eligible to win the Amazon gift cards below*:

    1st place - $50
    2nd place - $20
    3rd place - $10

    If you refer a new group to us, and they sell 150 boxes or more, you will get a $50 Amazon gift card!

    *If you would like to participate in our prize program, let us know in advance. Your group is only eligible if your organization sells 150 boxes or more AND the top sellers are registered as a Student/Champion with your campaign.

  13. Yes! When everyone sees the delivery of beautiful strawberries arrive, they are going to want to buy some on the spot. It happens every year…”I wish I ordered extra!”

    Additional berries should be ordered through the Farmraiser system just like a normal order. While they are unlikely to go unsold, you assume the risk for any unsold boxes.

  14. Our team will have 15 minutes to unload the truck when we arrive. Therefore, it is imperative that you provide us detailed instructions on where to unload. This location must be determined, approved by administration and communicated to us well in advance.

    Please have volunteers available at the designated drop off location to direct us. The berries will arrive on a large, refrigerated box truck and lowered to the ground by a lift gate (see picture). The unloading area should be easily accessible and close to the room where the berries will be held. Ideally, they would be best stored in a refrigerated room. If not, it should be inside in A/C. At the very least, under shade.

    Once lowered, they will be carted via pallet jack by the driver. He can push them directly into a room if the doors are wide enough. If not, we will have to drop the pallet near the door and your volunteers must take it from there. We will not have time to carry or unload any boxes. Each pallet holds between 150-190 boxes of berries. You may keep or dispose of the wooden pallet as you see fit.
    From this point, you will be responsible for dispersal to your sellers.

    The longer berries are out of refrigeration, the quicker their quality starts to break down. It is crucial that this is communicated to parents. Same day pickup is vital to maintaining freshness. Holding the berries overnight is not advised. We recommend that you tell sellers that if they do not pick up their berries on the designated delivery day, they will be forfeited at their loss. While this sounds harsh, it will motivate them to find a friend or relative to pick the berries up in a timely manner.

  15. No. Fresh produce sales in Florida are exempt from state and local sales tax.

    Please review the Florida Department of Revenue exemption document for further clarification:

  16. No. Organic berries are not available for fundraisers. Non-organic berries are delicious, nutritious, and as safe to eat as organic berries! For more facts on berry safety, please click here.

  17. Yes. However, we have never canceled a scheduled delivery or pickup to date. We will strive to continue that track record. Since we harvest the berries the day before, there is always an outside chance that the harvest could be postponed due to poor weather at the farm. Delivering you the best possible product is our main goal. Rain severely affects the look, taste and shelf life of strawberries. While our team does their best to plan for weather events, if it is determined that the berries don’t meet our strict quality guidelines, we will need to reschedule your delivery or pickup. This might seem like an inconvenience, but it is a far better scenario than refunding unhappy customers and compromising the integrity of your fundraiser.